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$1 online strategy

How to make $1 per day online - (For beginners)

This strategy completely dedicated to the beginners of online money making. This is a simple, no investment, no minimum qualification and zeo risk money making method. Very effective way to make money online by doing simple jobs. I want to say, this plan recommented for beginners with zero money to invest or people who need simple jobs to complete. Find here, how to make $1 per day with 3 steps.

Step 1:

Click ads for money: This the best and easy job to make money online. In this, you only have to do is click and view ads for seconds, and you will get paid each time you click on these paid to ckick(PTC) ads.
Most of the paid to click(PTC) ads providing websites need an investment in order to payout, and the other no investment needed paid to click(PTC) websites are paying very small amount for your each click. But i am only showing you the best and no investment paid to click(PTC) websites. Just concentrate on these PTC websites until you earn money to invest.

Paid To Click(PTC) site 1- Make $0.04 per day(average)
Paid To Click(PTC) site 2- Make $0.04 per day(average)
Paid To Click(PTC) site 3- Make $0.04 per day(average)
Paid To Click(PTC) site 4- Make $0.03 per day(average)

Your total earnings per day will be $.04 + $.04 + $.04 + $.03 = $0.15/ day

Step 2:

After completing you paid to click ads, naturally you will try to get more PTC websites for better earnings, but i recommend you to stay on these 4 ptc websites only and make more money with the second easiest way on the web to make money online.
Paid to complete offers and tasks are the second easiest way to make money online without any investment. You just need to complete simple jobs like sign up offers, follow on social networking sites like twitter, add likes on facebook fan page, download free files, etc; By doing these easy jobs for others, you will get little amount of money, and you just need to do that follow their instructions to complete their tasks/offers. Here is some websites that paid to complete offers and tasks.

Aurora site 1complete at least 2 offers daily - 2*$0.10 = $0.20(minimum)
Aurora site 2complete at least 2 offers daily - 2*$0.10 = $0.20(minimum)

Paid tasks site 1complete at least 2 tasks daily - 2*$0.15 = $0.30(minimum)
Paid tasks site 2complete at least 2 tasks daily - 2*$0.10 = $0.20(minimum)

Your earnings from paid to complete offers/tasks will be $.20 +$.20 +$.30 +$.20 = $0.90/ day

Step 3:

Now your total earnings from Paid to click and paid offers/tasks will be $0.15 + $0.90 = $1.05/ day. You can make $1 per day by your own effort.
Now you have to improve your daily earnings with rafferals. These websites have a unique referral code for you. you only need to do that, copy these links and send them to your friends and others. If your freinds joined these websites that i provided here, then they will automatically join under your referral list, you will get a percentage of money each time your friends(referrals) make money from these websites. Example: If you have 10 friends(referrals) under your referral list, your one friend making $1 per day and you will get 15% of earnings from your referrals, then your earnings from you friend will be $1/100 * 15 = $0.15. And you have 10 referrals, then your total earnings from your referrals will be $0.15*10 = $1.5/ day. And your earnings + your earnings from referrls = $1 + $1.5 = $2.5 per day(average).